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Monday, March 07, 2011

Surrealism Exhibition at the National Art Center Tokyo


Surrealism Exhibition at the National Art Center Tokyo

The National Art Center, Tokyo is currently hosting an exhibition of surrealist works from the Pompidou Center in Paris, France.

As I longtime fan of Max Ernst, I went there with alacrity, and had my mind stimulating expanded with works, too, by other famous greats such as Salvador Dalí, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miró and Giorgio de Chirico.

I was also introduced - most prolifically - to the work of André Masson, an artist I had not encountered before. He was by far the most well represented artist in the exhibition. While his work was not always very memorable, his vast scope, energy and imagination left a very strong impression. He was an enthusiastic practitioner of "automatic drawing," involving depriving himself of food and sleep for days and altering his mind through the use of drugs to create works as free as possible of his conscious-mind inhibitions.

The National Art Center Tokyo itself is also a pleasure to visit, with its stunning architecture and pleasant setting.

"Surrealism" is showing until May 9. Highly recommended. 1,500 yen for adults.

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