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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nagoya Election Campaign

Here's a snippet of a Japanese election campaign from Nagoya in central Japan. What's amazing is that no one is actually listening to the speech and there is little general interest from passersby. All this is happening at 10am in the morning, too. Never mind, they'll continue to shout at the air, meaning the candidates are doing what is expected of them as "politicians".

Note the white gloves a symbol of "clean hands" in managing public affairs, somewhat ironic considering the innumerable cases of corruption in Japanese politics.

Here's an interview with a supporter for an official running for the Mayor of Nagoya. She's also wearing 'white gloves' though that may just be because of the cold.

Former-incumbent Takashi Kawamura won the election for mayor, while Hideaki Omura was voted in as governor of Aichi Prefecture both candidates defeating opponents backed by Prime Minister Naoto Kan and the ruling Democratic Party of Japan. Kawamura and Omura were supported by popular Osaka Prefecture Governor Toru Hashimoto and his One Osaka party.

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  1. Yes, I remember these noisy things waking me up early each morning with their loud broadcasts.


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