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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Kinoko Hotel Live at Taku Taku Kyoto

Kinoko Hotel京都磔磔のライブキノコホテル

On a cold mid-winter night Kinoko Hotel - a highly ironic, highly talented Japanese chick band - heated up the venerable live house Taku Taku, in Kyoto.

The band is made up of four women in Sergeant Pepper outfits - plus mini skirts - and wigs (?). Kinoko consists of a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and vocalist that also plays/humps a keyboard (pictured in a low resolution image shot with a cell phone camera).

The sound is hard rocking and energetic.

Taku Taku, a several hundred year-old "kura" - storehouse - in downtown Kyoto,  was converted 37 years ago into its present incarnation. It has seen the likes of Robert Cray, Los Lobos, and other major-minor acts. The crowd peaked at about 75 midway through the January 31 show.

The band bantered back and forth with a clearly smitten group of fans, a mix of ages and types. And, fortunately, it was not entirely male.

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