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Friday, October 08, 2010

Tsukemono Japanese Pickles

つけもの (漬物)

Japanese pickles known as tsuke-mono are one of my favorite Japanese foods and completely vegetarian to boot.


Japanese pickles are not usually pickled in vinegar but in salt, soy sauce or sometimes sake lees.

Tsukemono are eaten as a side dish with rice at a traditional Japanese meal - either breakfast or dinner but also turn up with Japanese curries.

Japanese pickles

Favorite vegetables that are pickled in Japan include daikon radish, turnip, umeboshi, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, shibazuke (rape blossoms), eggplant and ginger.

Kyoto tsukemono (kyotsukemono) is particularly well known and many Japanese tourists take home pickles from any trip to the ancient capital. The wooden pickling barrels can be seen in the area near Kamigamo Shrine, which has a long tradition of tsukemono production.

Japanese pickles

Full of vitamin C and fiber, though heavy on the salt, tsukemono are a healthy addition to your diet.

Shogoin kabura turnip pickles.

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