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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Japan News this Week 3 October 2010


Japan News.Chinese Developers Tap Into Japanese Insecurity

New York Times

Friday night lights: American football in Japan a high school hit


China frees three Japanese detained for entering military zone


Missing Japanese centenarians found

Washington Post

日本“密使”拒透访华内容 否认为首相传亲笔信


Ichiro nowhere near the player Rose was

Japan Times

Japanese PM Naoto Kan warns of China's military rise


Block on Minerals Called Threat to Japan’s Economy

New York Times

Papa Prius


Anime and manga cars on Tokyo's roads


Japan’s Zaccheroni names squad for Argentina match

Yahoo Sports

"The World is beginning to know Okinawa": Ota Masahide Reflects on his Life from the Battle of Okinawa to the Struggle for Okinawa

Japan Focus

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Distribution of family income - Gini index (the higher the number the greater the inequality)

Japan - 38.1 (2002)
USA - 45 (2007
UK - 34 (2005)
Denmark - 29 (2007)
China - 45 (2007)
Mexico - 48.2 (2008)
France - 32.7 (2008)
New Zealand - 36.2 (1998)

Source: CIA

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