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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brazilian Festival at Yoyogi Park


Japan has a very large Brazilian community, mainly second generation returnees of the Japanese immigrants who went to Brazil in the early 20th century after Japan had impoverished itself in winning the Russo-Japanese War. The boom years of the 1980s brought their children and grandchildren back to Japan, but to a culture completely different to the one they were raised in.

Nevertheless, despite the cultural divide between Japanese born here and Brazilian Japanese, the latter are permitted to stay here and are able to get permanent residency much more easily than foreigners without Japanese ancestry.

Tokyo is of course home to a large percentage of the Brazilians in Japan, and Yoyogi Park sees the Brazil Festival every year, which is no holds barred celebration of Brazilian high spirits. The rhythms are infectious, and some of the dancing is like you've never seen before.

The festival took place on the ninth of this month. It has taken 10 days or so to get in gear and produce the video. Here it is. Click, and you have no choice but to ... enjoy!

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