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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Osho Gyoza


Gyoza no Osho is a cheap and cheerful Chinese-style Japanese fast food restaurant chain specializing in such classic Chinese dishes as fried dumplings (gyoza), noodles (ramen) and sweet and sour pork (subutta).

You may well be served by someone wearing white Wellington boots, but prices are cheap so never mind the MSG, tuck in!

Osho Gyoza

Osho began life in 1967 in Kyoto and now the company operates over 500 restaurants in 29 of Japan's 47 prefectures, even managing to weather the seemingly-endless slump in Japan's economy. Osho has even re-exported Chinese food to China with the opening of its three eateries in Dalian, north eastern China.

Osho restaurants normally open between 11am and 11pm or even later.

The president of Osho Gyoza, Takayuki Ohigashi, was murdered in Kyoto in 2013, in a still unsolved crime.

Gyoza no Osho

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