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Monday, August 16, 2010

Manhole Covers From Japan


These manhole covers are from Hisai in Mie Prefecture, Mitake and Sekigahara in Gifu Prefecture, Hagi in Yamaguchi, Toyokawa, Tokoname and Inazawa, all in Aichi.

Sekigahara Manhole

Manhole covers in Japan differ from region to region and often the motif of the manhole cover reflects a regional characteristic or well-known local product. Thus the Hagi manhole cover shows its famous and delicious citrus oranges, which are used in the production of jams, jiuce, marmalade and sweets.

Mitake Manhole

Inagawa Manhole

Hisai Manhole

Hagi Manhole

The manhole from Tokoname shows a brick chimney from a kiln as the area is well-known for its ceramics.

Tokoname Manhole

Toyokawa Manhole

If you have a manhole cover shot and wish to show it on this blog please contact us if you'd like us to display it.

Manhole Covers in Japan

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