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Monday, August 02, 2010

Ameyayokocho Ueno Tokyo



Ameyayokocho is the most famous shopping street in Tokyo’s Ueno district. If you want to experience first-hand the rowdiness and crowdedness of a traditional Japanese marketplace, "Ameyoko," as it is usually abbreviated to, is the place to be.

“Ameya” means “candy shop,” and “yokocho,” “alley” – so “candy shop alley,” referring to the stores that used to dominate the street. The range of produce is now much wider, and includes fresh fish, dried foods, other cooking requisites, clothing, toys and bags.

Of the food stalls, the fish sellers are perhaps the most worth stopping at. In particular the blocks of raw fish for the preparation of sashimi or sushi are probably the best value for money you’ll find anywhere in Tokyo (except, perhaps, at the Tsukiji Fish Market).

Ameyoko stores are generally open between about 10am and 7pm, and many close on Wednesday.

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