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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Horinji Temple Kyoto

Daruma Temple達磨寺

Horinji Temple is not on one of the major tourist routes in Kyoto.

It is located a 5-10 minute walk north of Enmachi Station on the JR Sagano Line (San-in Line).

The temple itself is not particularly grand, and the day we visited the only human being there was a wizened old woman at the ticket booth. We had to wake her from a nap to pay the 300 yen entrance fee.

The temple is better known as "Daruma Temple." The reason for this becomes obvious as soon as you enter.

According to the pamphlet we received, there are 8,000 daruma in the compound.

Daruma are the hollow, usually red dolls modeled on the founder of Zen Buddhism.

They are considered symbols of good luck, and are often displayed in newly opened restaurants or at the campaign headquarters of a politician.


From JR Enmachi Station, walk back half a block to the corner of Marutamachi - Nishi-oji. Cross to the northeast corner (there is a small shop that sells train, and other, tickets). From here walk north up Nishioji Dori for two blocks. Above you will be a small sign with a painting of a daruma doll. Turn right and walk about 100 meters. On your right.

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