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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nike parody sticker in gay Tokyo


Nike parody sticker in gay Tokyo

I was wandering through Shinjuku 2-chome tonight, Tokyo's main gay area, and happened in on a shop there.

Just inside the doorway there was a board covered with mostly irreverent little stickers, only about an inch wide by 2 inches high, and this one in particular caught my eye.

Clearly it is a parody of the Nike logo, but replacing the last "e" with a "u" turns it into the Japanese word niku (肉)or "meat," which, in Japanese gay parlance - just as in English-speaking gay parlance - refers to the cock.

Turning Nike's "Just do it" into "Just nine inch" isn't terrible witty, but elaborates on the theme, I guess. The most subtle element, no doubt, is the little nick out of the tip of the line that sweeps up under the "Niku," helping the imagination out that little bit extra!

This sticker, and the many others there, is produced by a specialist sticker company in Tokyo's Ota ward called General Sticker. You can see the General Sticker website here - and, from there, their online shop.

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