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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Votive Tablets Kamigamo Shrine

Good Luck tablets Kamigamo Shrine絵馬上賀茂神社

At Japanese shrines and temples, you may come across a frame on which wooden tablets have been strung in lines.

These colorful painted tablets are known as "ema" and can be bought at the shrine. They are supposed to bring one luck.

The tablets pictured here are hanging at Kyoto's Kamigamo Shrine.

They cost 500 yen.

After purchasing one, you write your wish or hope on the tablet and hang it with the others.

These "ema" are quite elaborate and beautifully drawn. Also, note the bells.

At this time of year, nearby Ota Shrine is also worth a visit to see its irises.

Ema, good luck© JapanVisitor.com

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