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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roku Shingan Chinese Medicine

Roku shingan六神丸

Kyoto is home to many small, medium, and a handful of quite large companies.

Many of the larger, better-known companies - Nintendo (playing cards), Kyocera (ceramics), Wacoal (textiles), Omron (electronics) - were born of humble origins prior to growing into their present incarnations (noted in the parenthesis).

Another product born in Kyoto is Roku Shingan. This is a miracle drug - Chinese herbal medicine - that is good for an upset tummy, dizziness, intestinal pain, and much more.

The tiny black dot-like pills contain the following:

dried cow gallstones
serow (wild goat) horn

Some of the ingredients are no longer commercially available because of environmental restrictions - the Washington Convention. The company, however, insists that it has stocks to last decades.

The banner above right is around the corner from Hirano Shrine, and is where the medicine was born (after the technology was imported from China one hundred years ago).

Short of swearing off booze, it is the closest thing to a cure for a hangover.


Availability is generally limited to Kyoto drug stores following a change in national law governing drugs and distribution thereof

5,250 yen for 48 pills

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