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Monday, May 10, 2010

Renewing A Driving License in Japan


Holders of a Japanese drivers' license will have to renew their license every five years.

Renewing A Driving License in Japan

You will be sent a form 30 days before your birthday and will have 60 days to visit your local driving license center and renew your license. If you fail to attend you will be required to take a Japanese driving test.

To renew your license you will need to present your old license and undertake a perfunctory eye test, be photographed and attend a road safety video lecture.

Renewing A Driving License in Japan

Hundreds of people will be processed on the day you attend and a fee of 3,250 yen will be levied. Expect to stand in long lines.

After attending the road safety video/lecture, your name will be called and your new license will be handed out.

Renewing A Driving License in Japan

It is debateable whether the cost of the new license covers the administration and loss of productivity incurred as a result of people taking time off work to attend the renewal process.

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  1. Thanks for the tips to renew the driving license in Japan. This blog is really very nice.

  2. Your first Japanese licence (green) will be valid for two years and then on to your next birthday. The next licence (blue) will be valid for 3 years and the next licence (gold) will be valid for five years IF and ONLY IF you have gathered no points. If you have points then you will hget another blue 3 year licence.


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