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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Johnny B. Goode at Harajuku on a Sunday

ジョニービーグッド 原宿

Harajuku is Tokyo's most well-known center of street culture. It's where you'll find any of the myriad fashion fads that Japanese young folks are into, played out to the fullest.

Yoyogi Park is, unlike the name suggests, not accessible from the JR Yoyogi station, but from the next station on the loopline, Harajuku. Being in Harajuku, it is where you'll find fashion fads free of the commercialism that completely soaks the rest of the area. This is where kids who have done with shopping just show their stuff - most of it in the form of music and dance.

Rock'n'roll is an old hardy of the Japanese street scene. It is perhaps just as in evidence now as it was when I first came to Japan over 20 years ago. Walking through Harajuku this Sunday was this circle of jiving guys and gals doing their thang to, among other numbers, Johnny B. Goode.


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