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Friday, March 05, 2010

Beware of Smuggling Beach Sign Southern Japan

密航・密輸の発見にご協力を!Japanese beach sign warning about smuggling

Close to the southern tip of Kyushu, not far from Sakurajima and Kagoshima - and North Korea - there was this sign planted on a bluff above a beach.

It literally reads:

Mikko Mitsuyu no Hakken ni go Kyoryoku o!

"Thanks for your help in spotting smugglers and ships that sneak into Japan!"

Below that in red on the flag:

Fushin na fune, hito, kuruma o mikaketara sugu 110 ban

"If you see a suspicious boat, person, or car call 110"

That is Japan's national emergency number.

This sign - located on a beach not far from the Korean Peninsula - is clearly referring to and aimed at thwarting the activities of Kim Jong Il's agents.

To date, 17 Japanese nationals have been recognized as having been abducted by agents from North Korea. They were bundled to the Hermit Kingdom, where they were used as language teachers for other agents.

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