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Monday, March 08, 2010

The Nichiyu Truck


In Tokyo and looking for beetroot, Italian rucola, fresh cassava, Amazon fruits like acai and cupuacu?

Nichiyu International is a company in Tokyo that started as a foodstuffs provider for the sizeable Brazilian Japanese community here. The company runs a fleet of truck-stores that vend foodstuffs around the Tokyo area.

However, not long ago Nichiyu discovered that there was a bigger market than just the Brazilian one. There are also Philippine, Turkish, Russian, and other ethnicities in Tokyo each with their own special culinary demands. Therefore, the Nichiyu truck now caters to a range of non-Japanese communities in the greater Tokyo area.

Not only that, but the company’s diversification has taken it beyond foodstuffs. While in the truck buying groceries, you can also buy Brazilian weekly magazines, exotic beauty products or a homemade Brazilian-style lunchbox.

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