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Thursday, February 25, 2010


The word kyu 急 in Japanese – pronounced just like “Q” – means “quick, immediate, rapid.” It means “rapid,” “immediately,” “urgent,” “steep,” depending on the context.

Sono heya ni hairu toki, kyu ni kushami ga deru.
Whenever I enter that room, I immediately start sneezing.

Kyu ni kuraku natta.
It quickly got dark.

Sono kawa wa kanari kyu na nagare desu.
That river’s got a pretty strong current.

Probably the most common combination of kyu is kyuko 急行, or “express” as in an express train. Tokkyu 特急 is a “special express.”

Kyukyu 救急 means “emergency aid” as in a kyukyusha 救急車, or “ambulance.”

Kinkyuji 緊急時 means emergency - or, literally, a "time of emergency."

Sore dewa, kyu desu ga, kore de shitsurei shimasu.
Well, I know it's abrupt, but I'll take my leave here.

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