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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Real Estate Agents in Japan


If you are looking for an apartment in Japan, a good place to start looking is the windows of real estate agents.

The windows are covered with bukken-harigami - cards with information on available apartments to rent.

looking for an apartment in Japan

Information included on the cards usually includes the distance from the nearest subway station or bus stop on foot, the rent, the size of the apartment or house and the facilities included.

looking for an apartment in Japan

Thus the apartment below on the left is 23 minutes on foot from Shiogamaguchi subway station in Nagoya, its a 1K apartment (one room and a kitchen), the rent is 42,000 yen, with a further charge of 3,000 to cover the shared cost of the elevator and cleaning of the apartment block (共益費; kyoekihi) and its facilities include cable tv, an aircon, veranda and shower.

looking for an apartment in Japan

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