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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Onsen Tamago


If you stay at a hot spring resort in Japan, you may well be served an onsen tamago (hot spring egg) for breakfast or dinner.

Onsen Tamago

These weird looking eggs are traditionally cooked in the waters of the hot spring. The eggs are placed in rope nets and left in the hot water for around 30-40 minutes - the low temperature heating causes the egg yolks to harden more than the egg white. The eggs are thus poached within the shells.

Onsen Tamago

The eggs are usually eaten in a light sauce made of mirin, dashi and soy sauce with chopped spring onions sprinkled over the top. The image below is a model of an onsen tamago at the Onsen Museum in Gero.

Onsen Tamago, Onsen

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