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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mos Burger


MOS Burger is Japan's answer to McDonalds and aims to provide an authentic "Japanese burger" experience with menu items such as MOS Rice Burger, Pork Cutlet Burger and MOS Rice Burger Yakiniku.

MOS (from the first letters of "Mountain Ocean Sun") burger began in the 1970s and one of its most popular meals at the outset was its "teriyaki burger" which combined a Japanese dish with the American hamburger.

Mos Burger

MOS Burger now has over 1300 fast-food restaurants in Japan, with branches overseas in Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The company also operates the 80^C stores, MOS's-C, Mother Leaf, Mamedori, Shanghalichiba and Stefan Grill food outlets.

MOS made over 552 million yen in 2009 and is the second largest fast-food franchise in Japan after its rival McDonalds.

Mos Burger

As well as hamburgers, MOS offers hot-dogs, fried chicken, fried potatoes, soup, desserts and a morning-set meal. MOS is also trying to diversify its menu by adding more meals aimed at the health-conscious.

MOS has its HQ in Shinagawa-ku in Tokyo and employs around 900 full-time employees, with the rest of the staff made up of part-time workers.

Mos Burger


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