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Monday, January 25, 2010

Kofu Parking


How's this for some smart parking? Right on the sidewalk in downtown Kofu in Yamanashi Prefecture. Pedestrians, old people, children? Let 'em hang!

Kofu Parking

Traffic rules in Japan are treated with contempt by a considerable number of drivers. Passing red lights, speeding, cycling into incoming traffic and drink driving are all common experiences on Japanese roads.

In an attempt to shock drivers into better behavior, the Japanese police keep a running count of the number of accidents and traffic fatalities outside major police stations.

Thus in the sign below, there have been 2,086 traffic accidents so far this year in Yamanashi (2009), 14 deaths and 2,784 people injured.

Driving in Japan

Some rules of thumb for surviving on the roads in Japan are to drive defensively, keep calm and don't lose your temper.

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