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Friday, January 08, 2010

Fighting the Yakuza Kyoto

暴力対策協議会会員Japanese Yakuza Prevention Association Sign

This fairly menacing sign is affixed to a building in central Kyoto.

The chrysanthemum at the top is an official police symbol, and the characters on the right read "Fifth Avenue District." That refers to the main police station a few blocks south of this building.

The larger characters, at left, read:

Boryoku Taisaku Kyogikai Kaiin

Anti-Mafia Measures Committee, Member

These signs are fairly common, as are larger ones in front of train stations and post offices that proclaim "Mafia Free Zone."

One wonders what the actual mobsters - in Kyoto, the Aizu-Kotetsu Gumi (a sub-branch of the nation's leading crime group, the Yamaguchi Gumi) - think of these displays.

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