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Monday, December 21, 2009

Turn yourself in!


Turn yourself in!

Tokyo's Asakusabashi district, not far from the park, zoo, and museum area of Ueno, is full of traditional specialist shops, and lots of trad Japanese restaurants, too.

Sugabashi intersection, just a couple of minutes walk from Asakusabashi Station, has a yakitori-ya, or roast chicken shop called, quite simply, "Chicken Place." However, for the genre, it is a very upbeat version designed to appeal, no doubt, to the younger hipper set.

Hippest of all is Chicken Place's very quirky street sign - a small lit-up plastic cube that sits on the payment proclaiming "Turn yourself in!" on one face, and on the other sporting the kanji for "sake" (in this case the generic "alcohol" rather than "sake" in particular)

Turn yourself in!

Cute in itself - but look a little beyond the sign in the direction across from Chicken Place, and the full significance of it becomes clear. Chicken Place is right next door to a koban (police box - in photo above)! - immediately identifiable by the vertical red light above its entrance. ("Turn yourself in" sign in the foreground.)

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