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Friday, December 25, 2009

A revvy Merry Christmas!

サンタ バイク

Santa on a motorbike, Tokyo.

Walking down Omotesando street in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku district on Christmas Eve, I had to almost fight my way through the crowds of young lovers. They were all holding hands, strolling and staring in bliss at the Christmas illuminations that decorated the whole stretch of the slope.

A sudden commotion then ensued with a crowd of young Santa Clauses - on motorbikes! There were about 10 of them, most dressed in the trad red and white Santa suit, complete with beard, and, in some cases, a sack of presents. Mixed in with the Santas were the odd Pooh bear and one or two other costumed characters.

Waving to the crowded pavement, and revving their bikes, the youthful Santas were the center of attention, as other guys and gals came running over to take advantage of the moment and pose with the Yuletide young'uns.

Soon they were gone, but another bevvy brought up the rear just moments later. Then getting on the JR Yamanote line at Harajuku, I noticed yet another group of boy Father Chistmases, this time on foot, getting onto a car just a couple down from mine.

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