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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tatsuya Ichihashi Arrested in Osaka

市橋達也 リンゼイ・アン・ホーカー

Tatsuya Ichihashi

Tatsuya Ichihashi (now 30 years old), the main suspect in the murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker, a 22-year-old English teacher from Britain, has been arrested by the Japanese police in Osaka tonight.

Ichihashi, who has been on the run since the murder, was thought to have had plastic surgery in Nagoya last month, surgey which included lip-thinning and cheek implants.
Earlier this week it came to light from fingerprint analysis that the suspect had worked as a construction worker installing home solar panels in Ibaraki, Osaka for about 14 months until early October. Japanese police believe Ichihashi may have been attempting to escape abroad as he had documents for a pending passport application and an English-Japanese phrasebook in his company dormitory.
Ichihashi or "Dai-chan" as he was known to co-workers left the company on October 11. His former colleagues related how he never removed his hat, always bathed alone and had an aversion to being photographed.
Ichihashi was picked up at Osaka port at around 6pm while waiting for a ferry to Okinawa.

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