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Friday, November 27, 2009

Fire Cistern in Myoshinji Temple

Myoshinji Temple Kyoto妙心寺の防火水そう

The red symbol pictured at right indicates the location of a fire prevention cistern in Kyoto's Myoshinji Temple.

The final character, 槽 (so), has been rendered in kana (そう)to make it easier to understand.

Fire, of course, is a constant worry in Kyoto. The city still contains a high percentage of buildings made out of wood and paper and tatami (straw).

Temples and shrines, in particular, are wary lest an entire compound burn to the ground.

Below left is the bell tower within the Myoshinji Temple grounds. The bell is rung in the morning and evening, and its echo can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

The cistern is not far from the bell.

Myoshinji Temple Kyoto
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