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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yukimi Daifuku from Lotte


Lotte, the giant confectionery maker from Korea, is huge in Japan, and, naturally, produces a lot of food and sweets here in Japan with a distinctively Japanese twist.

Mochi, or pounded rice cake, is a delicacy in Japan. So is ice cream. But you don't usually see the two together.

But Lotte has created a rice-meets-dairy product called Yukimi Daifuku - yukimi meaning "snow viewing" and daifuku meaning "dumpling," packing ice cream inside a chewy skin of rice cake.

I bought one for the first time the other day, for only 100 yen or so (i.e. less than USD1) and tried it - or, rather, them: there are actually two inside.

Gently picking up the first dumpling with the small plastic spoon provided, I was somewhat skeptical. Given the flesh-like consistency of mochi, was it going to be like kissing, or, worse still, devouring, a corpse? Or would it softly caress my lips before playfully zinging them and my teeth with pure bracing zest - a foretaste of the merry silver crackle of the winter that lay before us - and suddenly numbing my unsuspecting tongue to speechlessness with a delightful mercurial shiver?

I ate the second one too, so guess which!

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