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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Velotaxi Kyoto

Kyoto Velo Taxiベロタクシー京都

The other evening in Kyoto, not far from Keihan's Sanjo Station, we saw a curious vehicle parked in front of the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.

Known as a Velotaxi, three of them have been ferrying tourists and locals around the city since 2002. Rounding out the Japan fleet, there are 30 in Tokyo and a number in Nagoya and other Japanese cities.

They are "short-distance transportation system developed in Berlin," according to the brochure the driver gave us.

Given the compactness of downtown Kyoto, the Velotaxi would seem to be a good fit.

For a slow ride in good weather, it is quite a treat and quite reasonable.

Up to 0.5 km

Children (0 - 2): free
Children (3 - 5): 200 yen/child
Adults (6 and up): 300 yen

For each .1 km thereafter

Children (0 - 2): free
Children (3 - 5): 30 yen/child
Adults (6 and up): 50 yen

Two adults, one child, and a baby could probably squeeze in.

Velotaxi Japan

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