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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunshine Sakae Nagoya


Sunshine Sakae Building in Sakae, Nagoya is a large shopping and entertainment building with a 42m-diameter Ferris wheel tacked on to the font.

Sunshine Sakae

The six-story building is just west of Oasis 21 and the TV Tower. The Sunshine Sakae building is illuminated by LEDs at night.

Besides the Ferris wheel (Sky Boat) which has good views of downtown Nagoya, there are a selection of restaurants, a Tsutaya DVD rental store, clothes stores, a hairdresser, a Tully's Cafe and, this being Nagoya, a pachinko parlor.

Sunshine Sakae

Access is through the "Grand Canyon" Square from Exit 8 of Sakae Station on the Higashiyama and Meijo Lines of the Nagoya subway. The Sky Boat costs 500 yen per ride.

Sunshine Sakae Nagoya Japan

Sunshine Sakae
3-24-4 Nishiki
Tel: 052 310 2211

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  1. Is Pachinko a Nagoya thing? I know we have a lot but it's a big city and we have seen them everywhere from Tokyo, to Takayama, to Sapporo and even little Koka City has one!

  2. Supposedly pachinko was developed in Nagoya - its a center of metal industry so it seems to fit.


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