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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Old Sign Kurama Kyoto

Sign in Kurama, Kyoto古い看板鞍馬京都

On a recent hike from Kibune to Kurama, in northern Kyoto, we strolled the last stretch from the trail head in Kurama to a local hot spring.

The homes that line the road, new and old, are all tastefully done in a "Kyoto" traditional style. Unlike much of the rest of the city, there were no cheap, lego-like homes to be found.

On the right, beyond the houses on the east side of the road, were farmers' fields and a stream.

For local children, the stream must be inviting. And for litterbugs, it also appears to be a draw.

On the right side of the ride, one of the wooden homes had a classic sign with a plea to not litter in the stream:

"Don't litter! The fish and living things in the river are crying!

Kurama Children's Association"

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