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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japanese Woman in Fur Boots

Kyoto woman's fur shoes女性毛衣靴

A beautiful young woman on her bike pulled up next to me and stopped to wait for the light to change in northwest Kyoto.

We had just been to an exhibit at the Domoto Museum and were on our way to a cafe.

The woman was texting, phone in her left hand. In both ears were ear pods attached to an iPod.

In addition to being attractive - and sensory overloaded - she was wearing amazing ankle boots.

Her outfit was completed by a gray scarf, black jersey, black skirt, and black tights. There was a large pink bag in her basket, a smaller purse slung over her shoulder.

But what really was striking were the boots.

Some designer had seen to fit to attach a 10 centimeter wide band of fake - we hope - fur on top of low boots.

Perfect for cycling and visiting the nearby Golden Pavilion on a fall day.

Japanese woman, bike
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