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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cartier Minami Aoyama Tokyo

Cartier, Minami Aoyama Tokyoカルティエ南青山

In the last (?) in our series on amazing Tokyo boutiques, today we look at Cartier, in Minami Aoyama.

Cartier is next to Prada, just beyond Aoyama Dori from Omotesando.

This store is Cartier's 223rd in the world, and was designed by Bruno Moinard.

Among notable design work by Moinard are hotels (Morgan’s in New York, Le Lac in Tokyo, Roissy Airport Sheraton and Saint James Club in Paris, Im Wasserturm in Cologne), restaurants (Café Français at New York’s MOMA, Opium in Tokyo, Orchid in Kobe), and office interiors (Editions du Regard, Arche de la Défense, La 7 Arte, Air France etc.)

The Tokyo boutique is diamond-shaped with a glass exterior. It gives the effect of light at dusk no matter what time of day you pass by.

The interior, in a nod to Japanese design, makes extensive use of wood paneling.

We were too intimidated by the price tags to linger long, but the interior is warm and pleasing.

Tokyo Cartier
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