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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kansai Time Out Suspends Publication


Sad news this month is the demise of Kansai Time Out magazine after 391 consecutive issues. The Kobe-based English-language magazine has suspended publication due to a slump in circulation and a fall in advertising revenue. Launched in February 1977 by David Jack and Sachiko Matsunaga, the magazine was one of the longest-running foreign publications in Japan and will be sorely missed in the Kansai region for its lively monthly listings of cinema, festivals and events as well as its informed articles on Japanese culture, music, travel and sport.

Kansai Time Out Suspends Publication

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  1. I was just thumbing through some copies that I have kept. I still miss the magazine.

  2. Just spent some time thumbing my way through some copies I have kept. I still miss that magazine.


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