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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Rising Sun and sex crimes - the LDP gets desperate

日の丸 性犯罪 自民党

LDP election pamphlet about Rising Sun Hi no Maru flag.

It’s official: two days before they receive their worst drubbing in over 50 years, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is utterly desperate.

I came home last evening to find the glossiest and most copiously-sized election-related pamphlet I have received so far in my mailbox. It was from the LDP. It may as well have been from local right-wing nutcases.

It has two photos on the front: one, at the top, of a not-one-hair-out-of-place, rigorously Soviet-style, LDP meeting at which an LDP dignitary, perhaps the madly unpopular Aso Taro, is at the podium under two flags: the Rising Sun (AKA Hi-no-Maru) and the LDP party flag. The caption: “A general meeting of the LDP with the Rising Sun flag.”

Then it shows another photo at bottom: an (unruly?) line of Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) characters waving to an audience – minus any flags on stage! The caption: “A general meeting of the DPJ without the Rising Sun flag.”

Between the photos reads as follows:

“Is this really a bona fide Japanese political party?
The DPJ rips the Rising Sun flag to shreds and creates a party flag of its own.
[Editor’s note: This is in spite of the only “created party flag” appearing on the cover being that of the LDP!]
DPJ = Japan Teachers’ Union
Don’t leave Japan to them.

(Note: The Japan Teachers’ Union is the arch enemy of the LDP and has been at loggerheads with it for decades over, among other things, the singing of the national anthem and the raising of the Rising Sun flag – which it considers relics of a war of aggression – in schools.)

From thereon in, the tirade is all about the Japan Teachers’ Union, and the DPJ doesn’t get a lot of mention. But that’s because we now know, thanks to the cover, that “DPJ = JTU.” Got it?

Inside, the pamphlet carries on the shrill panicky tone of the cover, saying how the JTU supports education that paints the Japanese as cruel tyrants in China in the years before and during WW2, and tries to stop Japanese children loving their own country.

LDP election pamphlet about liberal sex education.

And then it really scrapes the bottom of the barrel: sexual deviancy - involving kids! From page 5, the sanctimonious tone adopted throughout gives way to a gasp and shudder of scandalized Fox News-style horror.

According to the Liberal Democratic Party, the JTU occupies the extremest of positions regarding sex education, including support for the right to choose one’s own gender.

This is “backed up” by a picture of two dolls with their clothes half pulled off, which it states were used to teach about sex and childbirth to children. And, as a result of this heinous education, a mother in Fukuoka had to pull her first year elementary school son – who had been subjected to such outrageous tuition – off his little sister, onto whose netherparts he was pressing his penis! And, worse still, a mother from Miyazaki was subject to the indignity of witnessing her third year elementary school son having gay sex with a classmate in his room (so it says). And all because of the JTU, and sex education, and the DPJ, and, and … and … the fact that Japanese voters are thoroughly fed up with shameless LDP bullshit.

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  1. japan is a great country ,i want to go there sometime


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