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Friday, July 31, 2009

Nagoya Subway Worker

Subway worker, Nagoya名古屋地下鉄の元気な女性駅員

Japanese public employees are nothing if not helpful.

While in Nagoya, a wonderful subway attendant made our visit pleasant.

We were attempting to buy a subway day pass but, as is often the case, were struggling.

After ringing the "Help" buzzer, a young, efficient woman peeked out and asked us what she could do for us.

She took us to the window, helped us buy the tickets, and then escorted us to the gate.

When asked for a picture, she adjusted her hat and posed with a salute and smile.

What is really amazing is that, in spite of this level of service, she is not that unusual - which also makes trips back to the US a bit of a reverse culture shock.

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  1. I agree about the excellent service EVERYWHERE in Japan... returning to the US is a bit of a shock, and honestly, somewhat of a disappointment the first couple weeks- until you realize it is what it is. The result is that I appreciate Japanese service that much more!

  2. The best cure for the lousy service in the USA is to go to Europe where it is far worse. Then when you come back to the US it doesn't seem so bad.


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