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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Kaoru Yosano


Rogues' Gallery Part XIV

Kaoru Yosano is the current Minister in charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy in the cabinet of Prime Minister Taro Aso. Yosano was defeated by Aso in the LDP leadership election in September last year after the resignation of Aso's predecessor Yasuo Fukuda.

Kaoru Yosano

A graduate of Tokyo University, Yosano has held a number of important government posts and is considered a reliable moderate, who may one day take the top job.

Yosano also took over the Finance portfolio in February this year after the drunken embarressment caused by Shoichi Nakagawa at a G7 conference in Rome.

Yosano is a grandchild of the feminist poet Akiko Yosano (1878-1942).

One thing that always puzzles me about the man, who lists golf, shogi and fishing among his hobbies, is that his hair is always jet black, despite the fact he's in his early 70s.

Can we trust a politician that hides the truth by dyeing his rug and eyebrows? Methinks not. To the tumbrils with him!

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