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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Japan This Week: 5 July 2009


Japan News.Young Japanese Raise Their Voices Over Economy

New York Times

Japan: Unemployment hits six-year high


Canada and Japan blocking climate-change deal, Sir David King warns

Times on Line

GM ends NUMMI deal with Toyota

Japan Times

Kodo, le culte du dieu tambour


Japan murder hunt reward raised


Toyota Weighs Future of Joint-Venture Plant

NY Times

Recession Fashion


Japan's fashion rebellion goes West


Journeys: Japanese Baseball: Root, Root, Root and Buy Me Some Eel

New York Times

Japan’s Nakazawa stung by loss to ‘pizza eaters’

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

In an article on the women's movement in Japan, the Asahi Shinbun looked at women's progress vis-a-vis four criteria over three periods: 1) the beginning of the Showa Period (1926), 2) the end of the Showa Period (1988), and 3) 2008.

Number of Women in the Japanese Diet
1926: none (not permitted at the time to hold national office)
1988: seven women (1.4% of the Diet)
2008: 45 women (9.4% of the Diet)

Percentage of Women who Enter University:

1926: no data
1988: 14.4%
2008: 42.6%

Birth Rate:

1930: 4.72 children/woman
1988: 1.66
2008: 1.37

Salary (men = 100):

1926: no data
1988: 57.2
2008: 65.8

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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