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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sake Selection: Brands of Distinction

世界に誇る ー 品格の名酒 友田晶子

Akiko Tomoda and her book, The Sake Selection.

I attended a sake-tasting on Tuesday evening at the plush City Club of Tokyo on the B1 floor of the Canadian Embassy.

It was as a book launch as a sake tasting, the book being The Sake Selection: Brands of Distinction by the well-known Japanese sommelier, and head of the Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Company Ltd., Ms. Akiko Tomoda.

Ms. Tomoda styles herself as a "Total Alcoholic Beverage Coodinator" and began her career twenty years ago as a wine sommelier, adding sake to her repertoire for the reason that "someone who didn't understand her own culture and its sake had no right to try and talk about the culture of other countries and their wines."

Sake tasting at the City Club of Tokyo.

The Sake Selection: Brands of Distinction, published in collaboration with Gap Japan, recommends 100 of Japan's best sakes according to the style of the sake, the kind of food it should be eaten with, and its availability overseas. It is a bilingual publication in both English and Japanese.

Sake brewer from Nagoya.

The book is richly illustrated, lavishly produced, and contains a wealth of information about the featured sakes, from the history and characteristics of the distillery, to the kind of rice used, and of course the personalities of the sakes themselves. It is priced at a very reasonable 3,800 yen.

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