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Monday, June 08, 2009



I've never been a huge fan of ramen (Chinese noodles). Yes, I enjoyed the quest for the perfect noodle in Itami Juzu's movie Tampopo but the strong smell and strenuous slurping usually put me off.

Ramen restaurant at Chiryu Station

However, hunger got the better of me yesterday and I tried the 400 yen asari (light) ramen at a stand-up noodle joint at Meitetsu Chiryu Station, washed down with a 440 yen draft Asahi beer. Verdict. Not bad, at all.

Stand up ramen stalls are especially common on or around railway stations and service passengers wanting a quick snack between trains and tipsy salarymen sobering up before the last train home. Look out for the noren curtains and that characteristic smell.

Ramen restaurant at Chiryu Station

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