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Monday, June 15, 2009

Kodaiji Temple & Nene no Michi

View of Buddha Kyoto高台寺とねねの道

Recently we took in the area of Kyoto that stretches from Kiyomizu Temple to the southern end of Philosopher's Walk.

This route is in the hills of eastern part of the city and can be easily strolled in a day.

Descending the sloped streets Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka, you come to Nene no Michi.

It is a beautifully preserved street with shops and narrow alleys nearby.

Also nearby is Kodaiji Temple, which is above Nene no Michi.

Kodaiji was built in 1605 at the behest of Nene, for whom the street was later named. She was married to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and is buried at the temple.
The temple has a fantastic view Kyoto below in the distance. It is just south of Yasaka Shrine, which is in the heart of Gion.
Just next to it and to the south is a large Buddha (pictured above).

Access to Nene no Michi & Kodaiji Temple

A 10-minute walk from the Higashiyama bus stop. Bus #206.

Kodaiji Temple
Shimogawara-cho, Higashiyama-ku,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075-561-9966

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View from Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto
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1 comment:

  1. The statue in the top image is not a Buddha but Kannon - the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy based on the Indian Bodhisattva Avalokitasvara.

    The place is Ryozen Kannon, which is dedicated to the dead in the Pacific in World War II.

    The 24m high concrete statue was built in 1955.


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