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Saturday, June 06, 2009



Kendo ("Way of the Sword") is one of Japan's most popular martial arts and is practiced in schools, universities and clubs across the country. Around 4 million people are thought to practice kendo in Japan.

The use of bamboo swords and body armor in traditional samurai sword training dates from the 18th century.

The equipment used nowadays includes the shinai (sword), men (helmet and face mask), kote (gauntlets), do (breastplate), tare (groin protector), kendogi (jacket) and hakama (pants).

Kendo is both a physically challenging and exhilarating sport as the kendoka shout out their kiai (screams) to express their fighting energies as they combat their opponents.

Kendo: the definitive guide

The All-Japan Kendo Association
2F Yasukuni Kudan-minami Bldg
2-3-14 Kidan-minami
Tel: 03 3234 6271

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  1. haaha i love watching kendo, the training seems to be extreme but to me i have no kendo background so everyone seems extremely good, if i had spare time i would take up the prot or fencing lol juss to be cool, great post!


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