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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Heian Shrine Torii Gate

Heian Shrine Torii Kyoto平安神宮鳥居

We blogged the massive torii gate of Heian Jingu Shrine in February, but were smitten once again by its size and beauty on a recent visit.

The basic facts:

1) It is 24.2 meters tall, and the supporting beams are a whopping 3.63 meters in diameter.

2) It stands astride the road that runs between the Kyoto Municipal Museum and Fumihiko Maki's wonderful Kyoto Museum of Modern Art.

3) The shrine itself, further north of the torii, was built in 1895 to celebrate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of Heiankyo (the ancient name for Kyoto).

Also within walking distance are the Kyoto Zoo, Miyako Messe (a large convention hall), the Hosomi Museum, and of course Heian Jingu Shrine.


From JR/Kintetsu Kyoto Station, take bus #5 from boarding area A1 headed for Iwakura Soshajo. Get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae.

From Hankyu Karasuma Station/Kawaramachi Station or Keihan Sanjo Station Kyoto City Bus No. 5 (headed for Iwakura Soshajo). Get off at Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsukan-mae.

Or a five-minute walk from the Higashiyama Station on the Tozai subway line

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