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Monday, June 01, 2009

20 Most Popular Female TV Personalities - #1 Mao Asada


The list of 20 most popular female tv personalities was recently announced in the Asahi Shinbun newspaper.

The survey is conducted every year in February in and around Tokyo Station. This year 1,130 women and men, aged 10 - 69, replied to the survey.

Surprisingly, the most popular woman was not a "tv talent" but figure skater Mao Asada (pictured right, © Wikipedia).

She is wildly popular across a wide range of ages. Part of Asada's appeal is that, unlike tv entertainers, she is perceived as being innocent and perhaps less tainted.

This has as a result lead to her becoming ubiquitous on the small screen, appearing in many television ads.

Most Popular 20 TV Talents, Female

1. Mao Asada
2. Becky
3. Sayuri Yoshinaga
4. Miho Sugano
5. Yuki Amami
5. Dreams Come True (Miwa Yoshida, lead vocalist of the band)
7. Yukie Nakama
8. Nanako Matsushima
9. Aya Ueto
9. Yuiko Takeuchi
9. Aoi Miyazaki
12. Eri Fukazu
13. Miki Maya
14. Hitomi Kuroki
15. Yuka
16. Ko Shibasaki
16. Kyoko Shinohara
18. Takako Matsu
19. Norika Fujiwara
20. Tomoko Yamaguchi

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