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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tokyo Gay Pride 2009


Tokyo Gay Pride 2009.

Today was the 2009 Tokyo Gay Pride, what should be the annual highlight of gay Tokyo. It was much, much better than last year - simply because it happened, whereas last year it didn't. However, it was a pale specter of Tokyo Gay Pride from the year before, 2007.

2009 Tokyo Gay Pride took place in the Kyogijo event space across from Yoyogi Park. The weather held out, there were quite a few booths - including even one from Goldman Sachs - there was a feel of excitement, however mellow, and some wackily turned out people.

Tokyo Gay Pride 2009.

Still, to be honest, if I didn't go there with the aim of blogging it, I wouldn't have missed much. There was a stage presentation that, for the hour or so I was there, at least, involved no song or dance, but a large panel discussion - yawn. Attendance was scarce, and the hundreds of people needed to give momentum to the atmosphere in a space that big just weren't there. It was a matter of killing time wandering around stalls, and almost desperately looking for any friends.

Tokyo Gay Pride 2009.

Perhaps most disappointing of all was the absence of a parade this year. There's nothing like a parade to give a gay pride event the edge it needs from exposure out on the streets to the big, bad world. This year it was a generally meek, camera-shy gathering of well meaning gay folks that if it wasn't for the few brave ones featured in the photos here would have been entirely forgettable.

Tokyo Gay Pride 2009.

Loins girded for Tokyo Gay Pride 2010 - Gambarimasho! (i.e., "Let's go for it!")

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