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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rakeru omurice restaurant Nishi Shinjuku Tokyo

ラケル オムライス 西新宿

Rakeru omurice restaurant, Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Feel like something you can really sink your teeth into, that tastes good, is served generously, and is cheap? Rakeru in West Shinjuku (Nishi Shinjuku) is an omurice (i.e. “omelette rice”) restaurant that serves what is pretty close to typical hearty American home fare: roasts, steaks, vegetables, salads, and desserts. And, of course, the ubiquitous rice-filled omelette.

As well as serving tasty food – and pretty promptly - Rakeru is Alice-in-Wonderland-themed. The crockery has (often mis-spelled) quotations from Alice in Wonderland, and the friendly waitresses (no waiters in sight) are all dressed in red check frilly pinafores.

Rakeru is only a few paces from Shinjuku Post Office.
Map to Rakeru omurice restaurant in Nishi Shinjuku

There are over 60 Rakeru restaurants throughout Japan, the majority in Tokyo, and even a few in Singapore!

Rakeru omurice restaurant, Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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  1. Yuck...look at all that factory-processed meat!


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