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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Love Jamaica Festival 2009

ワン・ラヴ・ジャマイカ・フェスティバル 2009年

The One Love Jamaica Festival has been an annual fixture in Tokyo at least since 2007.
It ran both days last weekend, 9 and 10 May.

One Love Jamaica Festival 2009.

The biggest attraction was, obviously, the music, and the sound shell stage at Yoyogi Park was pumping it out.
There were stalls by the dozen selling food and booze - a lot of it Jamaican-inspired.

One Love Jamaica Festival 2009.

Besides the ubiquitous, day-long reggae music from off the stage, there was a Jamaica travel exhibition,
an art event featuring live painting, and a Jamaica photography exhibition.

One Love Jamaica Festival 2009.

The weather smiled on the One Love Jamaica Festival. It was sunny, warm, and still not too humid.

The One Love Jamaica Festival is set to run again in 2010 at Yoyogi Park.

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