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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mount Gozaisho Mie


Mount Gozaisho (1212m) in Mie Prefecture is an easy day trip from Nagoya. Mount Gozaisho is a strenuous hike up the central Nakamichi path now that the easier Uramichi path has been washed away by floods last autumn.

Mount Gozaisho

Allow about 2 or 3 hours if you are not in good shape. Parts of the trail are almost vertical and there are ropes, chains and bamboo ladders to help you up in places. Some of the drops are sheer and care should be taken when clambering over the sharp rocks. The route over the rocks is marked with red, painted circles.

Mount Gozaisho

Watch out for some rare mountain flowers on the way. Monkey sightings are frequent at the foot of the mountain and you will be serenaded by nightingales at this time of year. There are spectacular views from the top and from the ropeway. The trail is popular with usually older people mainly walking down.

At the top is a restaurant, viewing platforms and a ski slope.

At the foot of Mount Gozaisho is the hot spring resort of Yunoyama with a number of Japanese-style inns or ryokan, where you can spend the night or just pop in during the day to take the waters.

Bath charges range from around 500 yen to 1,000 yen for entry to the baths at the various hotels, many of which have rotemburo or outdoor pools.

Here are a list of some of the options:

Kuranosuke (059 392 2509) 800 yen for adults; 400 yen for children

Otel do Maronie (059 392 3210) 1000 yen for adults; 500 yen for children

Hotel Yunoki (059 392 2141) 800 yen for adults; 400 yen for children

Shikanoyu (059 392 2141) 1000 yen for adults; 3-500 yen for children

Irodorikoyo (059 392 3135) 525 yen for adults

Mount Gozaisho


Yunoyama Onsen can be reached in just over an hour from Nagoya Station by Kintetsu Railway (830 yen). Change at Yokkaichi and take the Yunoyama Line to Yunoyama Station. From there, there is an infrequent bus up to the spa (260 yen), taxi (over 1000 yen) or a 30 minute walk uphill.
Alternatively, there are direct Mie Kotsu buses from Nagoya Station (1280 yen) to the resort. Buses leave Nagoya at 7.52am (Weekends), 8.28am, 9.12am & 10.34am. The last bus back to Nagoya is 5.15pm. Other bus times back from Yunoyama are 2.15pm, 3.15pm and 4.15pm.
Tel: 059 392 2261
The ropeway costs 1200 yen one-way or 2100 yen return.

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