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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tokyo 2016 Candidate City street banners

東京 オリンピック 2016年

Tokyo Olympic bid banners 2016.

Just since last week, various colors of banners have appeared on the streets of Tokyo advertising the metropolis's bid for the 2016 Olympics. They feature the Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paraolympic Bid logo, designed by Kenji Ekuan, Director of the Japan Design Foundation.

Most prominent on the design is the knot (musubi) in mizuhiki style – mizuhiki being a traditional technique used to create knots from multi-color dyed strips of mulberry-bark washi (Japanese-style paper). Mizuhiki-style knots were originally used to decorate the packaging on gifts to the Imperial household, and the technique spread, being used also to create decorations.

The knot (musubi) itself is a symbol of unity and binding commitment.

Between the words "Tokyo" and “2016” is a rising sun symbol, and under the words “Candidate City,” the Olympic rings. (Note that the mizuhiki uses the same five colors as the Olympic rings.)

Finally, the timing of the banners being put up throughout Tokyo was clearly in order to coincide with the IOC Evaluation Commission Visit – Tokyo 2016, of 16-19 April 2009. Perhaps it helped, because IOC Evaluation Commission Chair, Nawal El Moutawakel, said she was “most impressed by what Tokyo could offer to the Olympic Games” and described Japan’s capital as “a dynamic city, where sport plays such a key part in people’s lives.”

Check out the impressive Tokyo Olympic 2016 website created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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  1. Visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building last month it became very obvious how serious Tokyo is about winning the Olympic bid for Tokyo 2016. Banners and posters promoting the Tokyo 2016 Olympics are seen in and around the building.


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