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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan This Week: 26 April 2009


Japan News.A Workers’ Paradise Found Off Japan’s Coast

NY Times

Japanese whisky leaves traditionalists on the rocks


Dalai Lama: China riot ruling political

Washington Post

Japan's curry murderess Masumi Hayashi is sentenced to hang

Times on Line

Convicted man's DNA doesn't match


Harpon entendeur…


GDP outlook to be revised to 3% contraction

Japan Times

Japan reports rare trade deficit


Tsuchida takes 3rd straight Boston wheelchair win

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

IMF estimated rate of economic growth for 2009 (first estimate January 2009, second estimate April 2009):

World: 0.5% (January), -1.3% (April)

USA: -1.6% (January), -2.8% (April)
Euro zone: -2.0% (January), -4.2% (April)
Japan: -2.6% (January), -6.2% (April)
China: 6.7% (January), 6.5% (April)
India: 5.1% (January), 4.5% (April)

Source: IMF

World: 0.5% (January), -1.3% (April)

Japan's Air Defense Forces scrambled jets fewer times in fiscal 2008 than in the previous year. Japanese jets were scrambled 237 times in 2008. which was 70 times less than in 2007.

The main sources of the scramblings were Russian (193) and Chinese (31) fighter planes.

Source: Kyodo News

Law schools in Japan plan on a 18% cut in enrollment beginning in the 2010 and 2011 academic year.

That will mean a cut in the national intake of 5,765 students down to 4,700.

Source: Daily Yomiuri

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